Disability Inclusion in Volunteering is a series of 4 online micro-credentials designed for you.

Inclusive Practice

The first micro-credential, Inclusive Practice, provides an overview of inclusive practice and some tips and suggestions for how to start

Respectful Communication

In this micro-credential, we look at a number of aspects of communication and explore how organisations can change and adapt to communicate more effectively with people with disability.

Supporting Volunteers

The title of this micro-credential is not intended to communicate that people with disability have more or greater support needs; rather that some of these support needs are likely to be different from those of other volunteers.

Inclusive Organisations

This micro-credential looks in depth at a number of key actions organisations can take, from simple steps such as reviewing Position Descriptions, to more complex work such as developing an Accessibility Action Plan.

The aim of the micro-credentials is to provide organisations with training that will increase understanding of how to improve inclusion for volunteers with disability.  If you work or volunteer in a volunteer-involving organisation, these micro-credentials are for you. 

Regardless of your role in your organisation, you can make a difference. This training is for anyone in any organisation who wants to learn how to more effectively and respectfully include volunteers with disability.

These four micro-credentials were developed by Coonara Community House on behalf of the Victoria ALIVE project. These micro-credentials are provided free of charge. They are not accredited training. 

Volunteering Victoria members participating in the  Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program can count the completion of the micro-credentials towards 2 CPD points (each micro-credential will accumulate 0.5 CPD points).