People with disability contribute in many ways to our communities through volunteering but there are still barriers to tear down.

Through September & October, the social media campaign #WeAreAble will put inclusive volunteering for people of all abilities in Victoria at the top of the agenda.

People with a disability are often able to grow into a volunteer role, discover their passion, and up-skill. Plus, volunteering offers a wide array of benefits for people of all abilities, from improved confidence, health and quality of life, through to increased opportunities for networking, skill development and employment.

In tandem, opening your organisation to volunteers of all abilities increases workforce diversity, enhances community participation, and improves the knowledge and skill base of the organisation itself.

And yet, despite all these benefits, there are many barriers to volunteering for people with disability. Collectively, #WeAreAble to create change.

Use your voice to help spread the message to your followers about #WeAreAble.

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